Dr SaxLove’s Smooth Jazz Lounge Live Stream – Instrumental Music for Work, Study, and Relaxation

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This livestream will be on 24/7 and will change with the voting of the viewers. Please click on the card above and take our poll on what you want to watch and listen to.

Playing Now : Motown Mix – A shuffle of the albums “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “Dance With Me”

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Video : Snowfall and Windchime

This is Dr’s SaxLove’s Smooth Jazz Lounge. A weekly live stream of a mix of the Dr’s Music. You will find a mix of smooth jazz instrumental music set to relaxing imagery. We like to change things up here, you will find us changing the background video or image to help set the mood of the playlist.

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Hi, I’m Dr. SaxLove, and I know a thing or two about smooth jazz music and playing smooth jazz music on the saxophone. I’ve been playing smooth jazz for a long time and I know what people love – they love it smooth and romantic and relaxing and inspiring and sensuous.

So that’s what you’ll hear here, my friends and fans – smooth jazz music at it’s best. Thanks so much for stopping by – I love and appreciate you!

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~Dr. SaxLove


Dr. SaxLove specializes in jazz music, jazz saxophone music, relaxing jazz backing music, and soft jazz. His music is optimized for relaxation, studying, dinner music, sensual moments, and any time chill out saxophone music is desired.

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