5 K-Pop Music Videos That Should Be Movies (Part 1)

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Well, everyone, I’m trying out a new possible video series. I really don’t know how this is gonna be perceived though lol. It’s another voiceover video, so I hope you find this entertaining. I personally hate the sound of my voice and someone on my K-Pop Music History Trends insulted it, so I guess it really is that bad to some people. Anyways, let me know which K-Pop MV you’d like me to do next if I was to do more of these videos. There’s definitely a lot to cover. If I was to continue doing this, I’d make this a monthly series, so let’s see how this does! Enjoy!

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In this video, you’ll see me talk about the MVs of EXO / 엑소 – “Power”, BTS / 방탄소년단 – “I Need U”, Orange Caramel – “Catallena” / 까탈레나, SISTAR / 씨스타 – “One More Day” and AnyBand (BoA, XIA, Tablo, Jin Bora) – “Talk Play Love (TPL)” and “Promise U”. Let me know which ones you’d like me to talk about in Part 2 for next month.


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