Natura | 1 hour of Ambient Fantasy Music | Deep Relaxing Nature Ambience | ASKII Symphonic

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Immerse into the nordic fantasy realm of Natura. Follow a cinematic journey through mystical valleys, ancient dungeons, dark forests and celestial star sky atmospheres, through day and night, wind, rough ocean waves and rain.

Wether you want to relax, meditate, find sleep, practice Yoga, play DnD RPG’s or study for exams – this video will help you.

A lot of inspiration for this was drawn from my trip through Norway and the underscores of the “Skyrim” and “Witcher 3” soundtracks, among other Fantasy Ambient Music works here on YT. I simply love these vast atmospheres, so I created one myself. Enjoy!

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Produced by ASKII // Erik Rettig

Jotunheimen National Park, Norway
(c) Erik Rettig 2017

Please be advised that any re-use of audio or video is not permitted without written consent. Message me for licensing if interested and we will find a solution.

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