Bass Boost || 24/7 Bass Boosted Music Radio Livestream | Trap, EDM, Bounce, Chill & Rap

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If you wish to support the stream and keep it running, feel free to donate here: or via Super Chat!

Whether you’re hear for the bass boosted msuic, or you’re here just to relax and chat to others. You’re all welcome, and all are greatly appreciated. Thank you to everyone who comes back here everyday, constantly showing support for the stream and the channel. ❤️

Most of the tracks played in this stream can be found on our channel! Full list of tracks can be found here;

▶ Commands
!nowplaying ~ Displays the current song that is playing.
!playlist ~ Gives the link to the stream playlist.
!stats ~ Find out all the stats about you and the stream.
!latestvid ~ Displays the link to our latest upload.
!highfive ~ Give your friend a highfive in the chat! e.g. !highfive *friends name*
!*socialsite* ~ Replace *socialsite* with any site you want a link to! e.g. !discord or !facebook etc.
!uptime ~ Displays how long we’ve been live for!
!8ball ~ Ask the 8 ball a question, and you will receive an answer!
!give # ~ Give some of your coins to another person.

▶ How to use the !give command!
The !give command only works with the user’s channel ID, for example to send 100 coins to your friend you will need to do “!give *channel id* 100”
You can usually find their channel id in the URL bar when visiting their channel, if not, ask them for it! It will look something like this UCJhnjPLyVIrMEydRtLMoaGg

▶ Top 5 All-Time Donators (USD) ❤️
$50.00 ~ BerkWood
$30.00 ~ DeathStrike1477 (2)
$25.00 ~ RogueRaiderGaming
$20.00 ~ Aya
$15.00 ~ Akbarov92


▶ Follow Bass Boost!………
Snapchat: BassBoostWorld


➥Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where are you from and how old are you?
A: There’s currently 3 of us running the channel daily. 2 are from Finland, whilst the other is from the UK. We’re all aged between 17-18.

Q: What is BBO Bot?
A: BBO Bot is a bot that is powered by Fussbot. We have added numerous features over the last few month since implementing it. You can find the full list of commands above.

Q: How do you run the stream?
A: We’re using a dedicated server with some free software that anybody can use. We’ve added custom tweaks to some of the software to make it a little unique than others too!

Anymore questions? Feel free to ask us in our Discord!


Please read:
As we’re constantly adding new features to the stream, if you notice any errors, don’t hesitate to tell us in the chat or email about it. Thank you!

Errors that we’re aware of:
– !songrequest command is a little buggy.



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