Luke Combs – Let the Moonshine (Official Music Video)

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Luke Combs “Let the Moonshine” Get Luke Combs “Let the Moonshine” Now

Official Music Video for “Let The Moonshine”
Written by Luke Combs and Dylan Riddle

© Mountain House Media | Luke Combs

Director/Producer – Katharine Roman
Assistant Director of Photography – Katharine Roman

Cinematographer/Editor/Assistant DOP: Aaron Conner
Cinematographer/Editor/Assistant DOP: Zach Drechsler
Cinematographer/Editor/Assistant DOP: Dillon Mangum
Cinematographer/Assistant DOP: Will Phillips

Special Thanks to:

High Country Fairgrounds

Klondike Cafe

Mo’s Boots

Appalachian Coal Rollers

Bojangles of Boone
1064 Blowing Rock Rd, Boone, NC

Josh Norris

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William Mains says:

Fayetteville right here ! Yeeyee 🤙🇵🇷

Austin McDonald says:

the people disliking all these videos of his are the reason fgl and Sam hunt are where they are. they have no business in country music. people like Luke and Chris Stapleton is what country has been missing for a good while now. keep it up luke

Chief chief says:

nothing better than some good ole country music keep up the good work big luke

Joan Rosmanitz says:

Love his voice! Nice to hear some COUNTRY music..

gregory combs says:

best song he has so far

Cody Goodson says:

you are the greatest artist In country right noebrotha keep it up

Johnny Benton says:

so underrated

Charli Peoples says:

Man. This guy's control and tone. Chills**

Noah Simmons says:

rntv15 for 15% off.

Jay Rock says:


luc gault says:

[Verse 1]
It's been a long night
With a heavy load
And now my high beams are shining on my babies road
Gonna pick up some clay on the tread of these tires
Have ourselves a hell of a night
Look up in that Carolina sky

Let that moonshine, all night, take your breath away
Like an old sweet song daddy used to play
And it takes me back to a simpler place and time
When we used to kick back
And let the moonshine
So let the moonshine

[Verse 2]
It's been a long time
Since we felt that creek
Running cold and clear over our bare feet
Baby you don't know that this right here
Is the same water my home man used in his still
I still remember what he used to say


Cheryl Puzzo says:

You're more hard country…awesome…you're gonna make it huge

Baleigh H says:

Oh Lord. You are heavenly 😍

Angela Sizer says:

I love his music!!

Jarrett Alford says:

He gives modern country hope…

Nando says:

Great music

Johnny Benton says:

this dude is soooo underrated. play him more on the radio. love his music

justin carver says:

real country boy's don't give a fuck where they spit hell if he spits in a bottle what ya gonna complain about that too bunch of poser's

Ryan Reagan says:

peep that Texas rangers shirt

Isaac Pierna says:

Luke Combs and Chris Stapleton Please!!!

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