Keith Urban – The Fighter ft. Carrie Underwood

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Music video by Keith Urban performing The Fighter. (C) 2017 Capitol Records Nashville

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Bob C says:

Luv ya Carrie!

Dean Curry says:

I LOVE MY WIFE SO DAMN MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley Cummings says:

you have the best videos on you tube

Ginger Kelly says:

I found that man

Carryonmywayward Soap says:

This is the absolute opposite of country like holy shit. Great song. But my friends call this county and I look at them and ask "how have you made it this far in life".

B Sithaideth says:

Love this song

I Have No Idea says:

If they both weren't married, they would make a good couple if you ask me.

Daquan Danzey says:

I love this song so much .if I dnt hear it at least 6 or 7 Times a day I'll go crazy and be so it love it love it…….this man can sing his ass off.

Cindy Smith says:

I love this song

Boe Nettles says:

so who's the beautiful dancer? I thought it was Carrie at first lol

Danielle Nettles says:

I'm IN LOVE with this songgg…

Adam Breckenridge says:

I'm so sorry but in my opinion if this is what future country sounds like we're FUCKED!!!

Khae Sanders says:

Just discovered this song today, and obsessed.

truck and tractor pulling videos usa pullers says:

this isn't even country more like pop.

sam chance says:

He's hot

puppy gaming says:

I'm a big fan of country

Allen Welch says:

nice to know you make music to compete with your audience

Ella Papy says:

So me and my mom are in the car on the way to Florida, yea? (this song comes on) Me: YASSSSSSS MOM TURN IT UPP!!! Mom: (to my brother) When sissy likes a song, god kid! (a few hours later) MOM PUSH THAT DANG BUTTON. (I fall asleep) mumble mumble Nuuuhg…  What If I fall… (~I love it that much thank u Keith~)

Anna Rubash says:

can I be the fighter too??

Megan Brewington says:

I 💓💘💗💝💕 this song

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