Hunter Hayes – Rescue (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Hunter Hayes. ©2017 Atlantic Recording Corporation.


Amy Faith Morley says:

Loving this song! 🎶 😊 The mess of me will always need the best of you! Rescue!

Austin Gossett says:

This sounds like it could be a Keith Urban song to me, but I think Hunter did a really good job with it

Samantha Averhart says:

I'm not crying you are

GirlsChaseBoys says:

I love the paintings!
The song was pretty great too 😊😊😂😂
Haha, loved the song as well!

Emma Daye says:

Love it! 😀

Reuben TheGreat says:

i just realized all his songs are love songs:P

yani meerck meerck says:

And he is finally back! All grown up and matured man as ever. And by the way he looks so gorgeous!

Zainab Akhtar says:

I love this man so much

Z M says:


Moonstruck Demon says:

I just hit the replay button too many times (well is there a thing as too many??). Hunter, never ever give up with what you love!! Thank you for giving us this song

CarterWatson Keep on Rockin says:

I love this song for so many reasons it has a nice touch of country and pop and guitar and great vocals amazing beautiful words i was lost and depressed and scared for the first part of highschool and the people around me have helped me shape myself and rescued me and now I'm going to kick this year's ass no drama no bull crap thx Hunter for helping me find my love for music

Mattias Carnsten says:

Someone know the artists name? Would love to buy some of those paintings.

Cambria Zebley says:

Who is this artist painting? So so amazing. And of course Hunter, always beautiful.

duhitz_ rayy says:

this song is so amazing i wish he sung it at his concert but i am in love with you

gn178 says:

Beautiful! Those first couple of notes…Aah! Shivers! Love from India!

muse muse says:

he still have the cute baby face

Queen Slayer says:

@hunterhayes I just want to say your very hot and I would do anything for you to keep ur dreams come true

Sock Puppets says:

sub to my channel if you already knew this song was going to be great!!!!!! and I'll sub to yours:)

lindsey campbell says:

This song is one of my many favorites from hunter, his songs have helped me so much. I used to have such bad anxiety about things and his songs calm my nerves so much it's like a high when listening to his music. The songs are just so inspiring and his voice is so distinctive and uplifting no matter what mood I'm in hunter Hayes will always lift my spirits. His song are truly unbelievable and the passion he has for music is truly amazing. So thank you hunter for always lifting my spirit and giving hope and happiness to do many peope❤️❤️

Serenity Haven says:

awesome song, keep up the good work 😀 By any chance was the guy in the background actually painting those? if so, his art is amazing. if not, anyone know where the art comes from?

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