Hunter Hayes – I Want Crazy (Official Music Video)

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Priscila Medina says:

i'm here because of shawn mendes lol

Super Chick says:

Girls listen to his song there is someone out there. Don't settle for anything less than you deserve.

Isabella Carinci says:

this makes me smile everytime

BrePug says:

my boyfriend and I have been arguing a while and i sent this to him as an apology basically…..waiting to hear what he thinks of it now

puppy lover 101 says:

This song is making me miss my crush even more than I ready do we live 200 miles away from each other I miss him so much 💜

Grace Rowser says:

I love you so much hunter!!!!!!!!!

Sara Gorczyńska says:

I'm here because of Shawn Mendes 😂❤

Liz St says:

Shawn Mendes dancing to this song brought me here!!

Destinnyy Worlldd says:

I love this song so much 💜💜💜😜😜😜

1k subscribers without videos? says:

Every time I listen to this song I forget that there is a good chance I might never get it out of my head

Lilly Mendoza says:

2018?Anyone?No?Yeah okay 👌🏻 👍🏻

abbymiller96 says:

This and Storm Warning were the first songs of his I ever listened to and that made me fall for him.

Ionela Cristina says:

I want crazy :))

Emalee Durden says:

i love him so much i have more thin 69 posters of hunter hays

Lue Rain says:

His voice is so hot 😍

prestley wright says:

Who else forgot about hunter Hayes until now??

Danni Dude says:

2017 and still one of my favorite songs

Breanna Richardson says:

Where can I find a guy like the one in this song?

lps minty cøllies says:

love this!!

Tris Outlaw says:

I have always loved the name Hunter I now know why lol

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