Best Gold Country Music – Old Country Music Ever – Classic Country Songs of All Time

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Best Gold Country Music – Old Country Music Ever – Classic Country Songs of All Time


wolfgang winz says:

Country Music forever,

H8#Kk says:

The lefthanded guitar annoys me

Linda Winton says:

19556050country muscie

Eddie Verstrepen says:

GREAT Videos country music Lover these great songs Reminder ove good oll Days Amen Enjoy friends 🎻😇🎹🎶

Immortal Music says:

nice songs. please watch my video

Laverna Thomas says:

Born and raised in country music! Nothing like old country, but I like the new too! Thanks for sharing!

YogiCool Dude says:

If USA has something… Special… then it's gotta be Country Music 🎶 sets it Apart 👍😎 🎸 🎶 🎺

Trond Nìlsson says:


TheresaG21 says:

Are these all live versions?? Opry maybe?

Karen Emberton says:

this is verry good song I like this one

Julie Timmons says:

Such a shame that kids now days won't know what great music is, and THIS is great music…

Choff C says:

Old School Rules..!!! New Pop Country Needs To Be Banned..!!!!

Kumar Kumar says:

ilike this song favorite music country song.

marcela rametta says:

Listening to country music here in Buenos Aires while I study. Country music is the most !

Cvgg Gggh says:

I dearly love Country Music, Country Music is my life. "Love you Country".

Luther Mcintosh says:

hellyeah I love my country music

Mayrose Fias-ilon says:

Love country music

Mark Williams says:

Yeeee Haw ! Good old country music.

dave smith says:

great music

regina borreby says:

Thank 🙏🏼you👍🏼 I love ❤️ Good 😊 old country music 🎶 sorry 😐 to mention Sometimes you repeat the ones you already have posted??? ( Holl Dunn, Mo Bandy, Bill Anderson, Alan Jackson, Bobbie Cryner, Lee Haselwood, Nancy Sinatra, Percy sledge,Ann Murray etc. 🙏🏼🎶God Bless You. 🇩🇰viewer from Denmark 🇩🇰. Good 😊 luck.👍🏼

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